We offer an individual fee, tailored to you & your property’s value.

Our NEW fee is fair and individual. Gone are the days of having to trawl the high street to search for your new home and with the introduction of many online agents the industry is gradually changing. We have listened to the pros and cons of the traditional versus the online agent, and are delighted to now offer you the best of both. The perfect combination of tradition and online.

Our philosophy is straightforward; to deliver to vendors and buyers, the same efficient, personal service, with traditional values and courtesy, that we always have, but to now reduce the cost to our vendors. Call 01792 367700 or visit us, to speak to our friendly approachable team.

Don’t believe the advertising hype.

Why we chose zoopla.co.uk and rightmove.co.uk, instead of on the market;
Zoopla is the most visited property website in Wales and London and
Rightmove is the most visited property website everywhere else.

On the markets ‘exclusivity period’ which they advertise as a positive feature,
just means your property is being ‘excluded’ from all other sites that potential
buyers search through, limiting the number of people that can view your
property online. Therefore when your property is new and has the most impact,
it is only being seen by people who visit the onthemarket portal. This does not
seem like a great thing to shout about to us.

Think about exclusive clubs of any type; they are for a small number of people,
excluding more than they include.

Another condition of going with onthemarket, is that you can only advertise on
right move OR Zoopla

We will advertise your property on Rightmove.co.uk AND Zoopla.co.uk right from the start, giving your property maximum exposure to a larger audience.
We look forward to offering our service to everyone; let our success be your
success, use Gower Coast Properties.

We value property and people.